Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

One of the most loved animal all around the world is definitely dogs. This is because dogs exhibit great compassion for their owner wherein they are ready to take life- risking actions whenever their owners are in big trouble.

You know what dogs are capable of doing, right? They are basically more intelligent compared to other animals. But aside from this fact, you should know by now that these animals need to be taken care of in the right way. As the owner, you should bath and clean them, let them play in parks or at home and most especially feed them in the right time with the right food.

Yes, feeding your dogs with the right food is one of the few things you should prioritize. They are not human beings where you can feed them with the same food you eat. There are dog foods which are more suitable for them. Through this, you are able to provide them the nutrients they needs.

One of the dog foods preferred by consumers is the Taste of the Wild Dog but how worthy is this product? Can it bring positive changes to your dog’s health? To answer these questions, here is a review of the product. This will be elaborating the product’s strengths as well as weakness providing you a good guide whether you will purchase this or not.

About the Company

Taste of the Wild Dog is produced and created by the company named Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., under the owner Schell and Kampeter, Inc. This s basically a manufacturer of pet food based in the U.S. with several plants found in different areas including Meta, Missouri, California, Gaston, Lathrop and South Carolina.

This dog food brand is relatively new in the industry opened in the year 2007 where there is a higher demand in the market for naturally made dog foods as well as free from grains. In short, it has the aim of promoting dog foods with better line of ingredients.

Taste of the Wild Dog: What is it?

The taste of the Wild Dog is primarily promoting formulas which are free from grains. This is considered as one of the company’s best feature plus the dog food provides better taste, higher rate of digesting energy and even consists of natural antioxidants. These antioxidants will be supporting a healthier immune system thus improving more of the overall health of dogs.

The Taste of the Wild Dog comes into varieties. Four formulas for the adult made available in both dry as well as canned versions. There are also puppy formulas available in the other type which is the dry versions.

Uses High Quality Ingredients

One of the reasons why more dog lovers patronize the Taste of the Wild Dog foods is that they know the fact that these are made from high- quality ingredients providing nutritional value to the food.

The dog food is primarily consisting of bison similar of what beef can offer but then provides lesser amount of fat. Another is the lamb meal, a recommended component useful for the health of dogs. It prevents allergies from occurring thus imbued with higher amount of protein. The dog food also consists of chicken meal, egg products as well as sweet potatoes.

In addition, these sweet potatoes provides dietary fiber, vitamins C and A, calcium, iron and even beta carotene. Through these nutrients, it provides more energy rather than releasing sugars. Aside from chicken and bison, there is also ocean fish meal as an additional flavouring to the product.

When it comes to digestion, pre- as well as probiotics are also found in the Taste of the Wild Dog where it helps in improving more of the dog’s digestion process. Finally, the product also uses the components such as chelated minerals. These kinds of minerals are known better when compared to the minerals merely found in the food. With the help of chelated minerals, it forms a strong between the minerals attaching them to proteins. When this happens, there will be better absorption most especially in the area of the digestive tract.

Are there any special concerns involved in the Taste of the Wild Dog?

Although the Taste of the Wild Dog is made with high- quality ingredients still some of its components are relatively showing a negative issue that needs to be considered. The ingredients concerning pet lovers are the presence of tomatoes as well as tomato pomace.

It is indeed true that both tomato pomace and tomatoes supplies important nutrients beta carotene, vitamin C and lycopene but then again these are recommendable for the nutrition of dogs. Aside from this, another thing that puzzles most of the consumers is the fat source of the dog food. They know that it is basically uses canola oil but other fat sources, still remains as a puzzle for some.

Talking about the Company’s Reputation

The Taste of the Wild Dog hasn’t been part of any recalls on pet food. This is the main reason why the company is enjoying and amazing good reputation. Furthermore, this fact has made pet owners more delighted of buying the product. This has made a real connection between buyers and dog lovers.

The Bottom Line

The Taste of the Wild Dog is really one of dog food products being patronized by a large number of dog lovers. This is for the reason that this product has the capabilities of bringing improvement to your dogs, not just making them stronger but also healthier as well.

Through this amazing product, you will be providing better chances of preventing your beloved dog from gaining any diseases and allergies. Good thing about this dog food product is that it goes along with a very affordable price which dog lovers will have a hard time of resisting it.

It is indeed true that the Taste of the Wild Dog is beneficial compared to other brands of dog food. By reading the contents of this review, you will be able to know whether this product is really reliable and trustworthy. May this help you in coming up with a good decision.

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