Orijen Dog Food Review

Orijen Dog Food gets the top rating for nutritional value and quality of the ingredients, with an obvious lack of complaining or low level of nutrition. The top five components include poultry, fish, meals and meats. The Six Fish formula lists herring, fresh salmon, salmon meal, herring meal and walleye amongst its top components, providing it a cutting edge in pure proteins as well as fresh meal components without byproducts. After the process, all the recipes supplement with probiotics which support the functions of immune and digestive system. They also take account of chelated minerals that compensate for any lack of nutrition during the stage of processing.

The protein level in Orijen Dog Food is so high and it doesn’t have grains or fillers and the sources of carbohydrates like potatoes are remarkable. The majority of the Orijen recipes also take account of whole eggs, vegetables and fruits that are advantageous to the well being of your dog and are not often seen in the typical dog food.  Made in Canada Orijen food ingredients are all come from Canada. Most essentially, all their recipes are marketed as totally grain free which make these friendly and good on the dog’s digestive system and ideal option for a dog that has dietary sensitivities as well as allergies. The special use of fresh meats and as well as meals make Orijen the uppermost quality recipes available on the market at present.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Orijen Dog food gets very good reviews and high ratings from almost all of its clients, who constant rate the recipes around 5 stars for ingredients superiority. A lot of dogs have some type of grain allergies, which has an impact to their immune system and triggers allergies. On the other hand Orijen is one of a few high quality pet foods which have certainly no grains like soy, wheat and corn.

What is more, it has a good level of protein in the type of meat and fresh meat or fish meals, with the best ingredients in any recipe all being differences of these. Clients who feed their dogs with Orijen dog food see more energy, shiny fur and good weight and in many cases, any digestive issues which were apparent with past foods are gone. These recipes are mild on the digestive system on any breed of dog however, still provided lots of nutrition than competing dog foods. Orijen Dog food has a high price compared to many recipes; however a lot of dog owners agree which the value of the pet food makes it worthwhile to buy.

Orijen believes in developing pet food which is close as possible to the normal diet, which the dog will get in the wild or which his ancestors may have eaten. Orijen Dog Food gets the highest rating because of their superior ingredients which they utilize in the dog food. Lots of the animal proteins are given fresh and don’t have preservatives.

A lot of dog owners call this dog food as the” way canines are supposed to eat” because of its high level of content in it. Orijen capture the attention of the media and in fact, they received the 2009-2010 Pet Dog of the Year from the GRI in Washington State. But some dog owners have a concern that the high protein content might not be ideal for proper dog nutrition.

In general, dog owners love dog food from Champion Pet Foods. The only drawback is the high price. However, buying this dog food is a good investment if you want to make your canine healthy, energy and safe from any kind of allergies and illnesses.

Who Develops Orijen Dog Food?

Champion Pet Food is the company behind Orijen Dog Food. CPF is based in Canada and use ingredients that are produced and acquired from the company’s manufacturing plant located in Alberta Canada.

Orijen Components

The entire meat products have not been cold or frozen, and some of the meats aren’t farm raised meaning wild caught or free range. Orijen market their components as having enough amount of nutrition, because of a steam cooking process which utilizes lower heat. In lots of cases, the 1st three components in the Orijen dog food have meat meals or meat. The carbs come primarily from sweet potatoes and russet potatoes. The protein substance in the entire Orijen pet food recipes is higher compared to other dog food recipes out there. Orijen dog food has meats like salmon, wild boar, lamb, pork as well as bison.

Orijen Allergies

Research shows that there are no crucial components in an Orijen pet dog which are known to cause allergic reactions. Orijen’s recipes don’t have corn, soy and wheat components. When using this dog food, it is always suggested to read the list ingredients thoroughly most essential is the dog has particular dietary needs.

Orijen Dog Food Recall

Orijen dog food so far is not included in the recall list of the Food and Drug Administration. So as to ensure that your canine are food is safe, it is always best that you visit the FDA website and check if the food dog you are using are included in the recall list. This will assist you to keep updated on the newest pet food recall in detail.

Orijen Dry Recipes

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List of Ingredients Included in Orijen Dog Food

Orijen dog food recipes come with high quality and nutritious ingredients such as chicken meal, fresh boneless chicken, fresh boneless salmon, herring meal, turkey meal, russet potato, fresh boneless turkey, peas, sweet potato, fresh chicken liver, fresh whole eggs,  fresh boneless lake whitefish, sun-cured alfalfa, fresh boneless walleye, pea fiber, organic kelp, pumpkin, chicken fat chicory root, turnip greens, carrots, spinach, apples, licorice root, cranberries, blueberries, angelica root, fenugreek, sweet fennel, marigold flowers, peppermint leaf, summer savory, chamomile, dandelion, rosemary, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D3, niacin, vitamin B12,riboflavin, d-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, biotin, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, iron proteinate, copper proteinate, Lactobacillus acidophilus, selenium yeast, Enterococcus faecium.

All in all, Orijen dog food is a high quality dog food ideal for any breed of dog and doesn’t contain grains to keep your dog healthy and vigorous.


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