Diamond Dog Food Review

Diamond Dog Foods have been the subject of various controversies regarding the security of dog food, particular after the dog food recalls in the year 2007. Diamond brand is seen by a lot of dog owners as being not reliable, not a safe manufacturing agency for dog food. On the other hand, has this brand of dog food made any alterations since their products were recalled? What are the ingredients used in making their dog foods? Know more about this product through this Diamond Dog Food review.

Diamond Dog Food Overview

Made by Schell & Kampeter, Inc. located in Meta in Missouri, the company was established in the year 1970 and has 3 major plants located in Gaston in South Carolina, Lathrop in California and Meta in Missouri. Diamond makes food for cat and dog. The company dog lines take account of:

  • Diamond Naturals
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Naturals Grain Free

Other food products made by Diamond take account of Taste of the Wild Dog as well as 4Health for the Tractor Supply Company. Diamond also made lots of renowned dog foods for other agencies ranging from the basic dog foods to best and grain free dog foods.

Diamond Dog Food Recalls

Diamond brand has a long background of dog food recalls which affect not only their own products but also the majority of the products they manufacture for other agencies. A lot of these recalls have been focused in the Gaston, SC plant, however not all of them. Some of the recalls have been because of issues regarding aflatoxins and salmonella. The last major recall of Diamond Dog Food occurred in 2012 in May when the company recalled Country Value, Diamond, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Diamond Naturals, Professional, 4Health, Premium Edge, Taste of the Wild as well as many of the Kirkland Signature products.

A few dog food manufacturers could have a product recall. Almost every major corporation has had one sometime, even most respected natural manufacturer with the best and highest standards. However, it is strange for a corporation to have frequent outbreaks of Salmonella and issues with aflatoxins and many recalls.  Diamond at present settled a class action complaint stemming from the company’s 2012 recalls.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Diamond Dog Food receives an average score for its remarkable canned food, however slightly below standard dry food. They pride itself in making healthy pet food at sound costs, and this is absolutely true for the Diamond canned wet dog food.



Diamond canned wet dog food comes in 3 different flavors such as:

Lamb and Rice, Beef and Rice as well as Chicken and Rice, and for every variation, the first part is meat, meaning the blend is loaded with protein. It comes with broth for extra moisture, and the employ of rice flour is an excellent gluten-free extra. In general, this is an excellent merge of amino acids, fats and protein as well as extremely low in carbohydrates.

The minority of the Diamond dry versions registers animal by-products, wheat, corn, as well as brewer’s rice as components. Even though these aren’t dangerous to canines, they are also not completely nutritious or helpful to the well being or health of your dogs.

Diamond Dog Food reviews judgment is that the diamond canned food is a best option for happy and healthy dogs; however, most of the dry products are a bit below the standard blend. You will require reading the list of ingredients very carefully on the Diamond dry foods in order to ensure that it comes with components which your dog is happy with.

Diamond Naturals is a top quality recipe which dog owners are normally pleased with. Some of the dog food has the leading component quality meat like lamb, at the same time the 2nd item is a meat meal which has highly concentrated protein. These are extremely good quality components, so dog owners seem to love this food. Most of the dry recipes have less than right ingredients, therefore clients don’t give high scores to those dog food lines.

Dog owners who feed the Diamond Naturals see that their canines have shiny fur and more active, healthier demeanor and better well being. Moreover, dog owners point out which the dog food is safe toward a dog that has allergies as it has no corn and wheat, common allergens which are present in many foods. As a whole, Diamond Dog Food is suggested by a lot of dog owners and dog experts for its superior recipe and procedure; however some of the Diamond products do receive negative reviews.

Diamond Ingredients and Parts

Diamond dog food recipes are on hand in Diamond Naturals and Diamond Classic. The classic recipes contain corn amongst the 1st five components. A lot of Diamond recipes have corn, soy and wheat components, high on the components list. On the other hand, the Diamond natural’s recipes are promoted as being free of wheat, soy and corn. Diamond Naturals normally have a carbohydrate as the first ingredient, which making these recipes relatively grain-heavy.

The first component is lamb meal. While some dog owners might protest, which whole lamb will be healthier than lamb meal, the lamb meal is an intense side of lamb, with many times the total of protein available in the whole lamb.

The Ground rice is the next element and it gives carbohydrates that are assimilated more slowly. A lot of dogs endure rice well and it provides dogs a sense of fullness after consuming. Given the rice is prepared and cooked well; your dog must be capable of digesting it.

Cracked pearled barley as well as millet is slow-digesting sources of carbohydrates. They give energy to the dog; however it will be lasting energy more willingly than quick-release energy.

The Chicken fat conserved with a type of vitamin E is the 5th ingredient a good source of animal fat.

Diamond Dog Food Allergies

Due the fact that the classic recipes often contain wheat, soy and corn ingredients, these dog foods are not the best options for canines with sensitive immune and digestive system, or dogs which are allergic to the components. Soy, wheat and corn are the 3 most popular causes of allergic reactions in canines.


All in all, Diamond Dog Food review shows that this brand of dog food contains high quality ingredients and lots of recipes to choose from. They have a record of recall, but then again worthwhile to buy for.

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